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WeVote registers first time voters in 3 tertiary institutions in Lagos

By April 7, 2022August 1st, 2022No Comments

Together with our team of over 100 volunteers, and in partnership with Youth4Nigeria, Abuja Global Shapers, Shuttlers, and Cuppy Foundation, we pre-registered over 400 students during our physical outreaches to 3 Lagos tertiary institutions (UNILAG, LASU and YabaTech campuses), and our Student Voter Conference.

In this collaboration, we also indirectly engaged an additional 5000 through digital campaigns. We held a Student Voter Conference on the 7th of April, which was a civic education and engagement session for Lagos tertiary institution students. During the conference, we encouraged students to vote, and enlightened them about the procedures involved, so they are well prepared to participate in the upcoming elections, and to do so from an informed and reflective standpoint.