Companies, non-profits, institutions, and community-based organizations are essential partners in WeVote’s efforts to ensure every eligible Nigerian is registered and ready to vote. We provide our partners with the tools, training, and expertise they need to encourage their employees, customers, and members to vote.
Together, we can ensure more Nigerians are informed and active participants in every election.

Let's Get to Work!

Here’s how you can be a part of our effort to increase civic participation: Help us spread the word about important voting deadlines and information to your audience or members, ensure your employees and customers are registered to vote, or host voter registration or education events and trainings, and mobilize volunteers. If you have other creative ways for how you can partner with WeVote, let’s talk!

Please note that WeVote is a nonpartisan organization and will NOT coordinate or partner with any partisan organizations.

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      Our Values

      We are non-profit, non-partisan, independent, non-governmental. We are on a mission to ensure meaningful participation in Nigerian elections and increase voter turnout to the international average of 66% in 2023.

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