How to transfer voter registration

Under the current electoral framework, you can only vote at the polling unit where you are registered to vote (where you obtained your PVC). Therefore, every eligible person is advised to register at the centre nearest to his or her residence.
If you’ve recently relocated, you cannot vote in your new area until you have transferred your registration.
Here’s how to do the transfer:
Step 1:

Apply to INEC’s Resident Electoral Commissioner of the state where you now live, through your Electoral Officer (EO). The application should contain your current address, phone number and a copy of your utility bill.

Step 2:

Attach a photocopy of your Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) and submit at the nearest registration centre. Your application must be submitted at least 60 days to the election.

Step 3:

Once INEC is satisfied that you actually relocated, they’ll approve your transfer request and assign you to the polling unit closest to you.

Step 4:

A new PVC will then be issued for your collection at the registration area where your application was submitted.

Note: When the PVCs are ready, INEC will make a public announcement to that effect. You can only collect your new PVC in person and you must return the old one.

Help me with the transfer

WeVote is setting up voter transfer support offices in all states of Nigeria. If you’d like to be guided or assisted with the voter transfer process, please fill the form below.

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