At a hybrid ceremony in August 2021, several businesses, non-profits and faith based organizations will sign a declaration committing to promote voter awareness within and outside their organizations. Join them!
Free of charge, we will provide you with with the tools, training, and expertise to encourage your employees, customers, and members to vote come 2023.

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WeVote Declaration

We the businesses, non-profit organizations, faith-based entities, public sector establishments, stakeholders of good governance, and participating parties of the WeVote Convergence;

Acknowledging that credible elections are the basis of good governance; and that as entities operating in Nigeria, we are stakeholders of good governance;

Realizing, as businesses, that while our political ideologies may differ, there is a need for strong, uncorrupted, fairly regulated markets to enable Nigeria to thrive and innovate in an increasingly competitive global economy; and that to reach this ideal, we must first protect and strengthen the democratic foundations of Nigerian elections;

Realizing, as businesses, non-profit organizations, faith-based entities, and public sector establishments, that the health of the Nigerian democracy is vital to the sustenance of good governance, development, a thriving economy, and the wellbeing and security of all Nigerians including natural and artificial persons living and doing business in Nigeria;

Reaffirming that increased citizen engagement is vital to engendering accountability, transparency and good governance in Nigeria;

Concerned by the increasing levels of voter apathy, cynicism, and reluctance of Nigerian citizens to participate in the electoral process exemplified by the rapidly declining voter turnout since the 2003 general elections; and, an electoral process which fails to reflect the democratic preferences of the majority of the Nigerian people;

Recognizing the urgent need to reduce the barriers to electoral participation, increase voter education, voter registration, voter turnout, participation of youth and women in elections, and drive electoral reforms to consolidate our democracy to achieve equality, development, economic prosperity, stability, and peace;

Commending the efforts undertaken thus far to enhance voter turnout including the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) voter education initiatives, as well as its efforts towards the speedy amendment of the Electoral Act and other electoral reforms;

Realizing the extensive and multifaceted challenges to meaningful voting which cannot be addressed solely through legislative and governmental intervention, therefore necessitating the need for our joint action and cooperation in these areas;

Committed to collective action to ensure that voter apathy, electoral violence, and malpractices are significantly reduced;

Hereby adopt this declaration and shall be guided by its content to: 

  1. Support all reasonable efforts to increase voter turnout in Nigerian elections to a minimum of 66 percent by 2023;
  2. Ensure that voter engagement initiatives and elements of civic education and participation are reflected in our policies, programs, products, and services;
  3. Include and prioritize independent and non-partisan voter education as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives;
  4. Reduce voter apathy by incentivizing our members, employees, customers, affiliates, and the general public to obtain their Permanent Voters Cards (PVC), to vote during elections, and to be actively engaged citizens at all times;
  5. Support the active participation of women as voters and engaged citizens in the electoral process and take all necessary measures to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and remove obstacles to gender equality in politics; and
  6. Support efforts to ensure equal access to power and participation of youths in the decision-making process at all levels irrespective of their language, ethnicity, culture, religion, or disability.
WeVote Declaration Draft
This declaration will be signed at a hybrid ceremony in June 2021. if you want your organization to be a signatory, please complete the form below.


This declaration will be signed at a hybrid ceremony in August 2021. if you want your organization to be a signatory, please complete the form below.

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